Our Story

The Cool People

Ero is much more than footwear. We are tools designed for those with a divine ability to fight their biggest obstacle yet. Those that free their minds, Those that step out, Those that make moves. Those that take the hits that life brings. Those that know that it’s okay to fall sometimes, Because they’d always get back up. They win on their own terms. They own their world.
To those, we say go on. Jump! Take on life. Coz nobody can stop you now!

Our goal is simple

We like to think of ourselves as driven by purpose. We believe in business that looks beyond profit. Infact, we call it purposeful play.
To inspire and champion a community of Jumpers! around our beautiful continent. Creating enough change in people that they in turn change the world they live in. Throughout our journey we intend to design sneakers and apparel that embodies our core philosophy. This mission drives us from now and into the future.

Change can only come from moving from the norm

No man or woman takes any step without a plan of taking on the next. Every day counts and as each passes, we are redefining new levels for our products as well as what they mean to people. It won’t come easy but neither is staying stagnant.

Speak up Africa

We are an apparel with a belief that Africa’s greatness can only come from her people . Optimistic people who understand that while there may be much unknown about the future, we are the very difference we seek. Those who know that fear is part of life but not let it stop them, who appreciate how far we have come. And focus on how much further we can go. We are an apparel for those keen on changing their world. To those, nobody can stop them. They are Kings and Queens. They crawl, they walk, they run and finally they Jump! !

Simplicity Rules

No flashy stuff. No senseless details. Just comfortable apparel, designed practically to make life simpler always!